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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  August 2, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, you'll j.c. hayward. in just a few moments, congress is expected to approve a bill that would keep the u.s. government from defaulting on its debt. danielle nottingham reports now
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from capitol hill. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag. >> reporter: the senate is expected to pass legislation that will keep the nation from redolting on its -- from defaulting on its debt and answered long and heated battle. >> this is a historic vote. it is one that has involved a lot of emotion. and a lot of soul searching. >> washington is taking some responsibility for spending money that we don't have. >> once the bill clears the senate, the president will sign it, raising the government's borrowing limit into 2013 and cutting the deficit by about $2.3 trillion. >> pass the bill as amended. >> the measure passed the house on monday with support from congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the surprise appearance was her first visit to the floor since the shooting in tucson and led to a 10-minute standing ovation from fellow lawmakers. [ applause ] congress reached an agreement on the debt limit with very little time to spare. without legislation in place by midnight, the government could
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have run out of cash and not been able to pay all of its bills. still, many lawmakers from both parties fought against the legislation. >> why do we not have anything in this bill that makes millionaires and billionaires who can afford to pay a little bit more, pay a little bit more. >> this bill, this so-called solution, doesn't fundamentally change our spending and debt picture. >> a debt default may have been avoided but the long political battle could have lingering effects. credit agencies may still downgrade the nation's perfect credit rating which could boost interest rates. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. now, president obama is expected to speak in about 12 or 13 minutes. when he does, we'll go to him live. last night, important vote in the house took an emotional turn. >> we all want to welcome back our wonderful colleague, congresswoman giffords here and with that -- [ applause ]
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>> seven months after an assassination attempt, congresswoman gabrielle giffords returned to the house floor. the arizona democrat waved to her colleagues and she mouthed the words thank you. she survived being shot in the head in january. six other people died. more than a dozen were injured, including some of her staffers in tucson who watched her return. >> turn on every channel. i caught it three or four times so i saw it as many times as i could. >> we all hope and all believed that we would see this day but it was a surprise and we are just absolutely thrilled. >> congresswoman giffords has followed the debate closely from her rehabilitation facility. she says it is important for her to be there last night and she voted in favor of the deal. one issue still not resolved is the faa shutdown. it is a partial shutdown. it is not affecting our safety but it is affecting our wallet.
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congress failed to authorize the agency's spending nearly two weeks ago. and since lawmakers are leaving town, the shutdown could last until september. air-traffic controllers are on the job but the shutdown means that the faa cannot collect taxes on our plane tickets. a suspected drunk driver is in police custody after two people were killed on the beltway in district heights early this morning. two others were injured in that collision that left traffic at a stand still on i-495 in both directions. surae chinn reports. >> very frustrating! >> backed up. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: sky 9 above shows what many drivers couldn't see but still affected by the tragic accident on the beltway between route 4 and ritchie marlboro road. prince george's county's fire and rescue say two people died after a driver on the outer loop lost control, hit the median and ended up on the
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inner loop, crashing into several cars around 6:30 this morning. at least five cars were involved. a red car barely recognizable. the bailout off the inner loop caused backoffs everywhere you turn. >> i can't even get home. it is -- traffic is backed all the way up. i tried to go around. i'm still stuck. [ sirens ] >> just a little annoying. it hasn't been that bad until i got down here near the beltway. >> you know it is shut down to get on to the inner loop? >> no, i didn't know anything. >> reporter: all of the secondary roads are jam-packed. folks diverted off of the inner loop as drivers tried to find a work around. >> we've been going around about so -- but it has taken longer than expected. >> on the inner loop, drivers stay standstill started getting out of their cars. >> even if you live around here and you know the back roads, they're all jammed. >> trying to get to work. >> you're going to be late. >> yeah, we are. >> reporter: in prince george's
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prince george's county, surae chinn. >> we're waiting to find out the identity of the motorcyclist killed in a collision on florida avenue near eckington place northeast. florida avenue northeast was shut down for most of the morning while investigators tried to piece together exactly what happened. the truck driver involved in that crash was not injured and he stayed on the scene to talk to police. well, a new life was just beginning only a few blocks away from that deadly crash. a woman on her way to the hospital to give birth got stuck in traffic because of the collision. medics rushed to the scene on florida avenue but the baby was born before they got there. crews took the mother and baby girl to a local hospital. we understand both are doing fine. we have new information this afternoon regarding the man dubbed the fairfax slasher. a woman claiming to be the sixth victim has come forward. the unidentified 21-year-old
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woman says that she was shopping at the fairfax town center on june 8th when she felt a pinch on her back side. she says that she noticed a minor injury after she got home. police are looking for the suspect. the most recent attack happened at the fair oaks mall last monday. imagine copping home from work, expecting the big -- coming home if work expecting the big screen television to be waiting for you on your front step and it's not there. that's because this particular man took it! that's what happened to the richards family in arlington, virginia. they were targets of burglaries in the past and they decided to set up a surveillance camera. neighbors living along north kensington street say that was a good idea. >> this is a very busy street. i see so many people that go by and i think they case the neighborhood. >> footage of the july 20th
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theft is now on youtube. arlington police are looking for the man who took that family's television. case continued. the fairfax county courthouse is closed today because there's no power. the courthouse is located at 4110 cambridge road. the complex includes the fairfax circuit court, general district court and juvenile and domestic relations district court. still to come when 9news now continues, a 101-year-old woman is rushed to the hospital after trying to break up a fight between her two adult grandsons.
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three suicide bombers targeted a guesthouse usually occupied by foreigners in southern afghanistan. four afghan security guards were killed when the attackers detonated they're explosionives. about a dozen other people were wounded. the taliban has claimed responsibility. the attack came one day after the beginning of the muslim fasting month of ramadan. u.s. military officials are calling for an immediate end to the violence in syria. tina kraus reports that the death toll is growing as government forces continue their deadly crackdown on
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protestors. syrian state television claims these are antigovernment protestors opening fire on the streets of the besieged city of hamas. but human rights groups say government forces are doing the killing. more than 130 people are believed to have died across the country since sunday. >> the violence needs to stop as quickly as possible. >> america's top military officer says the u.s. isn't planning to get involved but will put political pressure on syrian officials. >> the people of syria are certainly seeking a different and reformed government and governance. >> reporter: syrians opposed the president's rule are holding solidarity marches. witnesses say government tanks are attacking residential neighborhoods and cutting power supplies. this pitch-black video posted on a social media web site has audio of heavy gunfire.
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while people shout ala, god is great. another video shows what are said to be newly dug graves for fallen protestors. the government claims armed terrorist groups for most killings in the 5-month-old revolt but the united nations security council is holding syrian officials accountable and is trying to use its authority to stop the violence. tina kraus, cbs news. international outrage is growing. today, italy recalled its ambassador. coming up next, howard and our forecast. >> j.c., in the 90s again. 92 now. we've done it 16 days in a row. allergy update comes in today. the tree pollen which was absent yesterday has come back. weed policy and mold spores are moderate. we'll give you an update on tropical storm emily and your seven-day forecast when 9news now at noon returns.
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an autopsy is planned today for an 11-year-old new hampshire girl. dives found the body of celina cass yesterday in the connecticut river. about half a mile from her home. she was last seen in her home on july 25th. police are investigating. a judge is ordering casey anthony to return to orange county, florida.
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her whereabouts have been unknown after she was released last month. she was acquitted of charges that she murdered her daughter, caylee. anthony is scheduled to serve a year probation for a check fraud conviction. a 101-year-old woman is recovering from a gunshot wound that she received while trying to break up a family feud. naomi tag et is listed in critical condition. she was shot in the neck early sunday morning. police say that she was caught in the crossfire, trying to break up a fight between her two adult grandsons. neighbors say taggert is a pillar in her community. >> she give him a couple of dollars knowing he has no way to give her money back. that's how she was. she was a blessing to this area. >> authorities say they're looking for one of the men involved in this shooting. so far, no charges have been filed. a union station this
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morning, nearly naked men, several naked men tried to convince commuters to give them the suit off their backs. men's wearhouse kicked off a nationwide clothing drive for charity. stores are collecting gently- used clothes that local charities will distribute to unemployed workers, looking for jobs. >> you know, the unemployment rate is about 9% nationwide which is very high and we're here to promote every guy should have a suit in their closet. you want to look good and feel confident about yourself. >> men's wearhouse wants to collect 100,000 items of clothing by august. great cause. >> yep. i gotta get to the gym. those guys are looking good. >> i know. i was watching. >> we had big storms last night. >> we certainly did. >> 100 degree heat yesterday. we won't be as hot today.
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the air is dried out. it is a comfortable 92. heat index is 91 because the air is so dry. want to share a picture sent to us through centreville, virginia. jesse sessions captured this. here is the rainbow. lightning also. a cool double two for one there on this picture. jesse, thank you for that. if you get any really cool weather pictures or video, you can upload them to as far as this afternoon, we have plenty of sunshine for you. 93 at 1:00. 95 at 3:00. maybe even 96. we're going to 97 this  afternoon. not a record. we'll be about 2 or 3 degrees shy today. with northwesterly wind 10 to 15, the air dried out nicely. it is comfortable out there. even at 7:00, 92. you want to take a walk or exercise, it will be hot. humidity levels are way down. 9:00 p.m., 88 degrees. temps up and down the east coast here. look at this.
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we have the 90s from us south. but lots of 80s. a very fine day for williamsport. atlantic city, 88. 92. only 82 in cambridge. wind coming in off the water. it is 91 culpepper. hagerstown right now, yes, hagerstown, that's the warm spot on the board at 94. reagan national, they're reporting mostly cloudy but there must be some high, thin clouds because it is sunny in northwest but the dew point has dropped into the 50s. it feels nice, nice out there. wind is north at 17 gusting to about 23. the big heat, well, it is always in the southwest in phoenix. look at this. 99 dallas. there's 100 degree temperatures at 11:00 local time in the oklahoma area. this is a place sizzling for weeks and weeks and weeks. today, another day where the ridge of high pressure, we talked about this a lot, still on top of them. we've been watching storms through minneapolis toward
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green bay and getting toward detroit a little bit later on. all moving east-southeast. the clouds are coming down. some of the clouds may get here later today for the afternoon, potentially giving us a pretty sunset. late tonight, tomorrow, we watch for a threat of a few showers. at 7:00, all is quiet. we'll go overnight. did you see the one little shower come through. we could have an isolated shower overnight. tomorrow with the warm front, we'll get more humid air, a southwesterly flow. by midday, we have showers and storms breaking up midwest by noon. this stuff will be scattered about in the afternoon and the evening hours. this front won't be coming through until overnight. wednesday night into thursday. by thursday morning, there might be a leftover sprinkle. the drier air works its way south toward us. thursday might be the day we don't get to 90. forecasting a high of 90. in the tropics, emily currently stationary trying to get a little more organized here. emily has a couple of issues and whether or not emily stays
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a storm once it crosses hispaniola is still a doubt. 60 maybe as it makes landfall over hispaniola. could be the bahamas or even the southeastern u.s. by the weekend. 97 today. 70s tonight. 94 tomorrow with scattered storms. thursday, sunny and hot around 90. friday, 92. then saturday and sunday, there is another chance of storms with highs still in the 90s. we'll be back with more 9news now at noon in just a moment.
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i love when women inspire other women to reach the top. because i truly believe that women should salute and celebrate and elevate other women. and my special guest believes that, too. i would like to meet judith wilson, the founder of washington women's weekly which is a web site and i'm so excited about her because we're starting a partnership and she's going to be on a new web site that i'm going to tell you more about. i wanted to ask you why did you decide to do this? >> you know, j.c., first of all, thank you for having me here to join you. but as women are gaining more education, rising to the top in leadership positions in their career, balancing family and personal life, alliances among women are critical. >> that's true. >> washington women's weekly was discovered to connect professional women, to inspire
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them, to inform them and to help promote their professional development. >> i love that. i love that idea. and it is not -- i think your web site is not just for professional women. i think all women can get something from it because they can get encouragement. it is -- women, i don't have to tell you, women have a different journey than men. it is unfortunate but it is true and so we need that encouragement. we need to be able to see that there are women who are able to do it and you can do it, too. and we link arms together and pull other women with us. >> absolutely. in fact, every week i interview a highly accomplished woman in washington, d.c. and ask her about her career path and how she navigated it and about challenges and opportunities and most rewarding -- the rewards she's filled and has been fulfilled by, by you know,
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being a woman in washington, d.c. and linking and inspiring other women. >> i hope that people when they hear this, do not feel that i'm downing men because -- i know that men were responsible for me getting my position and other women, too but it is just important to for us to have that alliance. i love your web site. it is washingtonwomens weekly but the web site is womensweekly -- and judith wilson and i are going to be partners because we're going to be working together, saluting women in the metropolitan washington area and i'll tell you more about that but i just want to congratulate you. >> well, thank you so much. >> for thinking of doing this. >> it is a privilege to be able to do this and connect women and inspire women and help them with the mentors and role
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models and knowledge. >> it really helps you, too, doesn't it? >> it does. it is an honor. >> thank you for doing what you do. you'll hear more from judith wilson. of course, we'll have an update on that vote in the senate and the president's reaction on 9news now. and on our evening newscast. stay with channel 9. thanks for being with us. join us at 5:00.
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